null REMOTEX: the new heat pump in two sections

remotex: the new heat pump in two sections

Feltre (Belluno)

REMOTEX (MSRN-XSC3 + CEV-XN) is the new air-cooled heat pump in 2 sections, with capacity from 240 to 1130 kW, which expands the application possibilities of the conventional packaged products.

It consists of one internal section, connected to its external section by the refrigerant lines. Each internal section is a real industrialized central cooling plant, containing two refrigeration circuits with Multiscroll technology, Hydropack pumping units, with on-off or inverter technology, and many other features (which can be supplied on board)  including the free partial condensing heat recovery. Each outdoor section contains the energy exchangers with outdoor air, complete with wired fans and power supply and control panel.

There are several configurations available for each indoor section with the outdoor section, all standardized and specially optimized.
This allows a great ease of transport and positioning in the new buildings and in the system replacements, always with the best choice according to the specific constraints of each project:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Noiselessness
  • External climate
  • Compactness
  • Initial investment

Main features:
Performance and quality
The split two-section systems usually have two standalone modules which sometimes even come from different manufacturers. The Remotex system has been specially designed, built and tested by Clivet in all its components to match the internal and external systems as closely as possible, granting reliability and high performance levels.

High efficiency
REMOTEX provides the maximum seasonal efficiency with SCOP up to 3,92, according to EU Regulation 813/2013 (ErP) with low water temperature (LWT 35°C) and SEER up to 4,20.

Silent operation
The combination of the perfectly sound-proofed internal section with the various external sections (with high or medium air flow capacity) provides a solution for all requirements - even solving problems linked to tight restrictions on noise emissions. Remotex is available in Super-silenced acoustic configuration, which allows the sound level to be greatly minimised of 5 dB(A). 

Remotex system allows great installation layout flexibility. The internal unit can be installed in any position with any direction in any technical facilities. The external unit only needs to be accommodated outdoors for the release of heat outside. All it needs is 2,5 m2 surface area. The design of the indoor unit, is also suitable for an outdoor installation. What is more, it is possible to superimpose the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, by means of a special structure that the installer must provide. This way, the storage footprint will be minimal indeed.
The layout of the central heating/cooling unit can be adapted to requirements. The heating and cooling capacity can be a combination of heat pumps or only cooling functions with Low noise external or compact units. 
This means highly scalable solutions in terms of operations, size and time.  Such a central unit can be easily built up over the years.
Remotex scalability allows maximum versatility also in case of implementation of plant rooms, or in change of use destination.

Large operation 
Remotex operation range is very wide: down to -15°C external air temperature in heating and from +48°C (at partial load) to -10°C external air temperature in cooling.

All delicate components are inside, fully protected from the external atmosphere, extending lifespan of the system, reliability and operation, as far as simplifying maintenance. It has no external water pipes, so that in cold climates winter draining of the system is no longer necessary to protect it from frost.

Easier installation
The two-section system gives a considerable edge during the installation stage, such as reduced handling weight and greater flexibility in positioning it.
A single 400 KW packaged unit can reach up to 5 metres of length, the weight can be close to 3,5 tons and the mass distribution is highly unbalanced. All of this requires the use of means of transportation of high-capacity, high-cost, which must be handled with extreme caution.
Remotex makes easier the handling operations because the weight of the single lifting does not exceed 1,9 tons for the indoor units and 1,6 tons for the outdoor units, and is distributed in a uniform way. 
The advantage on the lifting costs compared to the traditional packaged solution can reach up the 50%.
Not only, but the option of having a series of pre-installed accessories such as hydronic groups, valves and filters makes it much easier to install and start.