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Eurovent certificazioni

Eurovent certification

Feltre (Belluno)

Eurovent has abolished the full load efficiency classes in the certification of hydronic Chillers and Heat Pumps.
The products certified in LCP-HP program (Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps) no longer report the Eurovent efficiency class at full load, neither in cooling nor in heating. Only the numerical values remain visible on the website and in all the related documentation, allowing the normal operations for those countries where full load performance was still temporarily required.
Eurovent also confirms the centrality of the seasonal efficiency, according to the European Ecodesign Regulations and Clivet strategy for over twenty years.

Today Eurovent certifies the values of SEER in cooling and SCOP in heating, together with the Seasonal space cooling efficiency and Seasonal space heating efficiency respective values expressed as a percentage of primary energy, as required by the Ecodesign Regulations.

These last values will soon become the universal standard, since they allow the immediate comparison between different technologies such as for example for heating by an electric heat pump (Seasonal space heating efficiency 125%) or by combustion (Seasonal space heating efficiency 88%).