Comfort in pista con i sistemi Clivet

Comfort on the track with Clivet systems


Founded in 1972 in Varano de Melegari (Parma), Dallara Automobili is one of the most important companies specialized in the design, production and development of racing cars, always seeking the highest standards of quality, performance, safety and customer support.


The comfort of this important reality, always looking for excellence, is guaranteed by Clivet hydronic and packaged air conditioning systems.


For heating and cooling, were installed  ELFOEnergy Large2 and ELFOEnergy Magnum chillers and heat pumps with multi scroll technology and an ELFOEnergy Magnum multifunction heat pump that can produce hot and chilled water simultaneously and independently. The air treatment is carried out by 5 Rooftop heat pumps CLIVETPack particularly suitable for the air conditioning of large surfaces with medium crowding. These units are equipped with heat recovery from the exhaust air and temperature and CO2 probes to adapt the air flow according to the real needs. The system is completed with a Clivet VRF unit with heat recovery for the service area.


The systems were chosen for their high efficiency, versatility of use, ease of installation, management and maintenance.


The design of air conditioning systems was drawn up by the ESSETI srl studio of PARMA in collaboration with the Tecnodelta agency.