18/05/2010 - ELFOSystem GAIA Edition: FOR THE RESIDENTIAL

Last week ended the 2010 edition of Solarexpo / Greenbuilding, the international exhibition and conference on energy efficiency and sustainable architecture, where Clivet presented the ELFOSystem HOUSE, displaying the main elements of the innovative ELFOSystem GAIA Edition, the complete residential system for all year round comfort that uses the heat pump for heating, cooling, the domestic hot water production and air purification and renewal in the home, allowing energy savings of 55% and a 45% of CO2 emission reduction.

Visitors were interested in Clivet heat pumps since they are the air conditioning system of the future, and they are perfectly in line with recent European directives.

Environmental issues closely linked to the consumption of primary fossil energy (oil, gas, coal) is the most critical emergency that involves the whole world. It is estimated that 30% of fossil energy consumption is used in developed countries, for summer cooling and winter heating of buildings. In this area there are major opportunities for energy savings in the order of 50% due to the heat pump technology in which we are specialized. Impelled by this conviction, our research and development department, which employs over 50 people, continues to develop and evolve this technology to provide solutions increasingly efficient, clean and complete for heating, cooling and domestic hot water in all areas from residential to commercial or even industrial applications.

The European Union is strongly involved in the promotion of these themes, with directives and regulations, even very stringent, allowing the countries of the Community to achieve the targets (Kyoto and others). The European Union in 2009, to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, has issued an important directive (2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009 on the promotion of renewable energy RES directive) that significantly affect the environment.