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Appuntamento su Rai Uno il 27 agosto 2009 alle ore 21.20 (*)

SUPERQUARKSuperquark, important transmission on Rai Uno, is dedicating a space to the Heat Pumps on the 27th August, presenting some interesting examples and real installtions for the urban area in Rome.

It's time now!

The public opinion begins to consider the heat pump subject as an ecological system, that allows the 50% of primary energy reduction and that can be the hearth of a unique system, able to give an answer to the comfort needs thanks to the summer and winter air conditioning.
For 20 years it has been our vision and for this reason we are investing many resources for the development of innovative solutions such as ELFOSystem GAIA Edition and ELFOEnergy Vulcan Medium that represent the best offers available on the national heat pump market.

The presentation of this subject at Superquark, transmission of great prestige, means that something is changing and that the market is ready for the heat pump technology use for the residential.

For this transmission Clivet offered support with audio and video material, that have been directly registered in Clivet and in an important ELFOEnergy GAIA installation.
The material that will be transmitted, is presented at the Rai direction discreption, according to the antitrust rules. For this reason we can not say in a precise way what will be shown.
What we can announce, is that during the service, Clivet and ELFOEnergy GAIA will have their space. Surely you will see the concepts that since many years are at the base of Clivet projects and systems.

Have a good vision!

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