Over 15 years of experience, more than 200 WLHP Versatemp Systems manufactured by Clivet installed, a specialized range from 1 to 350 kW specialized for the different application, for total comfort in the commercial market, reducing seasonal consumption by up to 50%.



Clivet's water loop systems are widely used in shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and in the most diverse climatic conditions, and they are an undeniable success. Clivet has developed and improved these solutions over the years, even acquiring the English VERSATEMP brand. Now, with 15 years of Clivet brand success and more than 40 of  the Versatemp brand, Clivet has earned a leadership position in the manufacture of water loop systems. There are more than 200 applications of Clivet's WLHP System in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, government buildings that have demonstrated their ability to reduce seasonal consumption by up to 50% with consequent savings in the management costs.

This type of technology is currently enjoying an increasing attention, because of the increased number of well-insulated buildings having simultaneously divergent and independent flows and the many advantages it offers:  

  • Decentralization

The heating or cooling energy required for air conditioning is produced locally in each served area by a free flow between areas with different climatic needs, using only two pipes with water at neutral temperature as exchange fluid. The overall reliability of the system is also increased because a passive failure of one unit does not affect the other ones.

  • Far lower initial investment

The investor can transfer much of the initial plant cost to individual consumers, enabling the individual regulation of a single system by the owners. Even the energy metering is immediate and charged to the individual user. The packaged units of the system do not require any complex on-site operations and therefore the time spent on assembly and testing is reduced, simplifying the organization of the construction site. 

  • Future-proof

The number of units connected to the system is virtually unlimited, and the system can be easily expanded in the future. Even the pipes do not have length limits, do not require insulation, can be plastic and above all contain water at a neutral instead of chilled temperature. This lowers the cost for the mandatory inspections required by the European F-Gas regulations that limit the leakage of refrigerant fluids, already applied everywhere in Northern Europe. The high efficiency of the system also reduces its environmental impact and greenhouse effect.

  • A range of efficient and complete products 

The units which are part of the WLHP system are available from 1 to over 350kW capacity and for indoor or outdoor installations, optimizing high energy efficiency, with COP values up to 5.9.