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Clivet presents the evolution of the proposal for air handling, transforming the role of Fresh air supply and purification within the HVAC system.



With Zephir² on the commercial and Elfofresh² on the  residential, Clivet has transformed the role of Fresh air supply and purification within the HVAC system. By increasing the heating and cooling capabilities and enhancing heat recovery from the primary air system dynamically increases customer comfort and energy savings and significantly reduces 1st costs and mechanical/Electrical infrastructure.


With these solutions, Clivet has established itself as setting the market benchmarks with innovation in the primary air sector achieving fresh air and purification utilising an active thermodynamic recovery system which will maintain fresh air flow whilst maintaining the full heating and cooling requirement for most of the year.


Clivet launched the next generation of its air treatment line, literally transforming the role of the fresh air supply system to that of the primary HVAC system within building design. Quality purified fresh air is a given but combined with unrivalled cooling and heating outputs and inherent energy savings means that Zephir² becomes the heart of the whole system drastically minimising chiiler / boiler requirements and minimising electrical infrastructure including standby generators.