Guaranteed savings The reasons for a quality choice!


For the investor and the developer

The certainty, which comes from highly industrialised solutions already applied in numerous similar realisations, developed to optimise return on the investment.

For the lessee and the tenant

The guarantee of high "environmental quality" and simplified management of the plant, without turning to specialised personnel and with considerable saving on energy and maintenance costs.

For the designer

The reliability of complete systems which do not require the assembly of different components, the fruit of experience gained in a sector in which Clivet is the undisputed leader.

For the installer

System start-up is performed according to schedule. since ready for use pre-tested units are readily available. This guarantees rapid delivery of a system with absolute quality.

For the operator and maintenance personnel

Routine interventions on a quality industrial system with tested and reliable parts and components; remote monitoring to plan interventions with minimum impact on the user. 








sized areas





shopping centres urban shops  SUPERMARKETS AND HYPERMARKETS

LargeCOM Hydronic is suitable for:
- Shopping centres
- Large sales areas with specific architectonic constraints

LargeCOM WLHP given its characteristics, this system is suited to:
- Medium and large sized shopping centres
- Shopping centres where renewable sources can be used
- Shopping centres in which the energy from food conservation systems can be recovered, thus lowering system and operating costs
- Outlet Villages

LargeCOM Packaged is suitable for:
- Large specialist sales areas and commercial parks (non food)
- Supermarkets and hypermarkets (food)
- Common areas in shopping centres such as malls and food-courts
- Outlet villages

LargeCOM Split Given its characteristics, this system is suited to:
- Small shopping centres
- Outlet villages

Application examples

» Shopping centre

Two pipe Hydronic System Air source

Shopping centre
Supermarket, Mall, 12 shops
GLA 4,000 m2


Hydronic System del tipo a due tubi sorgente ariaThe two pipes plant solution allows cooling or heating of the various
rooms during the course of the year. It is also suited to a realisaton in which the characteristics of the building, climatic and use, are homogeneous for all the ccupants.The initial investment cost is minimised against the impossibility of serving different users in a differentiated manner.

The circulated air treated by Zephir is sent to the terminal units of
the shops, in the environment, mixing with the air taken from the served areas. The cost of the circulation plant is reduced in this way, as single primary air diffusion systems into the areas is no longer

The galleries have air treatment units complete with regulation and equipped with Free cooling function, that is, cooling through the controlled emission of external air, suitably filtered, as soon as external conditions allow.


elementi impianto

1. Heat pump
2. Primary circuit pumps
3. Use circuit pumps
4. Post-heating primary circuit pumps
5. Post-heating use circuit pumps
6. Air treatment unit
7. Room terminal
8. Fresh air unit for room terminals 

 unità clivet The air-water heat pump allows cooled or heated energy to be produced to
be sent to the terminal units by means of the condominial hydronic circuit. The
pumps integrated into the unit guarantee optimal and reliable operation. The
purchase and installation cost is reduced by 30% respect to a traditional system with refrigerator and boiler.
 unità clivet Each property unit can select the best terminal unit in relation to its performance needs and integrate it perfectly with furnishings. High efficiency fresh air supplied by Zephir includes energy recovery on expelled air.

» Supermarket

Packaged System Air source

GLA 1,500 m2


Packaged System Sorgente ariaSituated in a Mediterranean climate location, the system is formed of one single unit, able to purify air through filtration, to cool or heat on the basis of the demand of the served environment.
Heat pump execution allows the elimination of the thermal station, otherwise necessary for heating during the cold season, and the relative fluid distribution plant. Operation is completely automatic and does not require the intervention of sales personnel, who can in any case converse with the unit through the control terminal as often happens in the shop.

The terminal also informs personnel about the necessity to carry out maintenance and the presence of alarms, for reliable and continuous operation. The Ecobreeze external ventilating section with variable flow rate adapts its rotation speed to the effective necessities of exchange between the machine and the surrounding environment. As temperatures fall during the evening and nocturnal hours of the hot season respect to daylight hours, facilitating heat exchange, noise is reduced exactly during this timeband, otherwise critical from the noise viewpoint.

As management costs are a defining factor in choice, apart naturally from realisation costs, the second high efficiency filtration stage is the electronic class H10 type. By virtue of its constructive typology and fewer load losses, it foresees decreased consumption in ventilation and a cut in costs for the replacement of the filtering cells. The return of the higher investment, respect to a traditional filtration system of the rigid pocket type, is just over one year.


1. Air-air heat pump
2. Air distribution and diffusion system

In Mediteranean climates, each unit is capable of independently serving a zone with a surface area of up to 2,000 m2. The Packaged system therefore represents the most convenient solution for mini markets, superette, supermarkets, discount stores and large specialised surface areas.

The industrialized single-piece construction, and the resulting reduction of activity at the worksite, reduce the time-to-market of the investment, i.e. the time from when it is conceived until the time when it begins to create earnings.

» Outlet villages

Split System Sorgente aria

Outlet villages
GLA 40,000 m2
150 shops


Split System Sorgente ariaThe Outlet Villages are complex shopping centres with the appearance of real small towns. Normally their architecture is strongly characterised and integrated to the local style and colours.
Connected by pedestrian walkways, squares, entertainment areas and services, there are many monobrand sales points managed individually.
Their assortment is typical, fixed to the brand (known and with a strong recall) but variable in models and in any case with prices that are always lower compared to traditional retail.

The Split system represents maximum plant decentralisation and therefore completely independent use. For this reason it is
well adapted to the type of management of the shops which are commercially and physically independent from each other.
The external sections are installed to the back of each shopping unit so that the facades visible to visitors are not altered aesthetically. In other similar realisations, the shops face each other at the back of load and unload bays, closed to the public. This is an ideal location for the external units.

For this application, the Packaged system can represent a valid alternative to the Split solution, especially where the roofs of the buildings can be used, or, in the case of ground installation, the backyard.


1. Fresh air unit with energy recovery
2. Split system internal section
3. Split system external section
4. Air distribution and diffusion system

Fresh air is treated in each shopping unit by independently installed machines inside the stores, able to carry out energy recovery from expelled air.

The external units are located behind the building, therefore in a position not visible from the inside of the complex. This allows the architectonic and graphic impact seen by visitors to remain unaltered compared with what the buyers thought.

» Shopping centre

WLHP System Air source

Shopping centre
Mall, Food-court, 220 shops, offices
GLA 150,000 m2

Works of this size carry constraining limits to the design of an air conditioning plant:
· Optimisation of the cost of the first investment
· Maximum flexibility during commercialisation (pilotage)
· Maximum operational autonomy for each commercial unit
· Reliability and simplicity in running and maintenance
· Competitive management costs and easy accounting
· Minimum environmental impact

WLHPThe WHLP system has many reasons for its success. This system is realised using black painted steel piping without insulation in all the internal sections of the building. There are two stop valves for each commercial unit, a calibration valve and a protection filter on the exchangers on the downstream units. The pumping system is constituted of centrifugal electro-pumps able to ensure correct circulation in the various branches of the loop.

The heating station includes condensation boilers with methane modulating burners and pairs of twin electro-pumps (one of which is a spare).

Due to the Mediterranean climate, the discharge station is based on evaporation cooling units (closed circuit) with silenced operation and electro-pump pairs with flow distribution from the water loop. It is important to note that as with a continental climate and therefore with more favourable external conditions, dry coolers are often used for dissipation. The heat pumps used, all water-air monoblock, are the roof top type for the mall, medium surface areas and the food-court, or the ductable pendant type for the gallery shops.