Our industrialized systems: all the components communicate to each other to obtain the maximum efficiency.


A building is a complex machine which is required to guarantee habitability, accessibility, lighting and communications: the wellbeing of the people who use it.

The climate, in particular, is one of the decisive factors in the habitability of the building, and the installation responsible for the wellbeing of the people who live there is fundamental. It has a direct effect on the health of those who live there and on the building's suitability for purpose.


Clivet is well aware of this importance and has therefore gone beyond the product concept to develop customized systems for the various applications, able to guarantee quality levels of comfort, and to optimize design and installation times, offering high efficiency and an eco-friendly design.


All Clivet industrialized systems are made by innovative and tested components communicating to each other. Furthermore the system is managed by a single control unit, properly designed by Clivet for a perfect management of all components allowing the installation to be simplified, with maximum reliability and consistent performances with high comfort standards