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Advanced solutions from an environmental point of view can considerably reduce energy waste, with considerable savings also in terms of money.



Comfort & Business

Total comfort, reliability and saving for large commercial surface areas

Maintaining the necessary comfort the whole year round is fundamental to the effective performance of the numerous activities in the commercial sector.

An ideal system must respect the pressing installation times and the objectives of return on the investment (pay-back), by becoming part of modern architectonic structures which are ever more challenging.

Furthermore, simplicity of use on behalf of the operator must match the reliability expected from this kind of application.

Increased environmental awareness on behalf of public opinion demands low environmental impact solutions, able to exploit available natural resources efficiently.   

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Energy saving

The buildings in the commercial sector are becoming more and more complex units which require higher amopunts of energy to perform properly.

Where can we find energy resources at a reasonable price?

The first source of energy is to save energy itself, i.e. a rational use of the available resources

The second source is the ability to exploit the conveyance of energy between planet and served area, whether it comes from the air, the ground or water.

In other words, the solution is in the use of electric heat pumps.

"Green awareness", that is , the growing interest shown by public opinion with regard to the problem of environmental impact; nowadays this is perceived as a discriminating strongpoint in the building of shopping centres.

Those investing in the reduction of waste and adopting ecologically compatible solutions will gain from this specific attention to energy and the environment. 

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Dedicated systems

Dedicate systems

Business-friendly comfort

The various applications of the commercial sector have specific needs also when it comes to maintaining comfort, either in shopping centres or cinemas, hotels, trading centres, hospitals.
Not only: in the same building there are often areas with different usages and therefore with even more distinct needs.
For this reason Clivet's specialised systems represent the ideal answer, already chosen and appreciated by several operators in this sector.