Clivet's pulsating heart: Excellence in research and development

Clivet's research and development area can count on a team of over 50 designers who work every day to develop innovative solutions, using top-level design and simulation systems, which can provide the company with the best solutions for the market's ever growing demands. Every year Clivet allocates significant investments, even more than 3% of its turnover, to innovation, research and development.

5 Areas of product development

Residential Systems

The residential area develops all those products that make up the ELFOSystem range, a set of solutions with a wide range of heat pumps, air re-circulation units, room terminals and an innovative control system that works with all types of application systems or installations.

The ELFOSystem Gaia Edition, designed in 2008, represents the apex of Clivet's research and innovation, featuring products at the forefront of this field and that can best meet the current needs of energy savings and room comfort. ELFOEnergy Gaia, the heart of the system, has been designed to convey into the building both indirect and direct solar power, and it can use up to 100% renewable energy, allowing for a complete independence from traditional fossil fuels such as gas, fuel oil or LPG.

ELFOSystem was completed in 2011 with the ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi systems, the comprehensive system for renovations and detached houses with high energy consumption, ELFOSystem Building, specifically designed for multi-family houses and small business premises and ELFOSystem Housing, the decentralised solution for houses with low consumption needs. Indeed in 2012 Clivet launched on the market its comprehensive product offer for the residential sector that meets any kind of system requirement.


Hydronic systems from 40 to 2000 kW

Clivet's hydronic systems are the company's traditional core business, where we have developed solutions of the highest level such as the innovative SPINchiller, a series of heat pumps optimised for high heating efficiency. Since 2001 the SPINchiller series has made it possible to achieve seasonal efficiency levels that had previously been unreachable, thanks to 3 compressors working side-by-side.

Packaged Systems

Since 1992 numerous studies and research have led Clivet to market the ROOF TOP solutions, thus reaching also crowded environments and allowing Clivet to build over time an undisputed leadership in the national market, where it holds on average a 50% share of the market.

Air Purification Systems / Split Systems / Close Control

This system category includes split direct expansion products and those for Close Control areas. Split Systems have been designed to suit any kind of installation and are equipped with a wide range of accessories for all configurations and with a highly evolved room control.

Air treatment unit

Clivet's Air treatment units have been designed to specifically meet with the demanding requirements of buildings such as hospitals and industries such as food, electronics, clean rooms and similar environments. In these places, the treatment of air is an essential element for people's well-being and health, and for the good execution of working activities. The air must be treated with a rigid control over pollutant factors that can be produced outside the conditioned rooms. Clivet's treatment units are designed to provide the utmost flexibility of configuration in function of the objectives to be achieved, without useless redundancies and with the utmost efficiency.


Laboratories and test rooms

Clivet's research and development area works every day to develop innovative solutions, using top-level design and simulation systems. An example are the 4 test rooms created between 2007 and 2012, where Clivet technicians can carry out advanced tests on the products, testing and monitoring all their functions.