Energy saving



The problems

The energy resources of our planet are not inexhaustible.

Wasting any further time in taking corrective measures would be irresponsible. For years now, climate changes have been warning us of the effects humanity is having on the natural balances of the planet. The current energy crisis is an unsustainable situation!



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The best renewable energy is one that isn't consumed.

Bio-architecture designed homes with high levels of insulation, correctly exposed to sunlight, and with features that contribute to energy conservation.

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Impianti Evoluti

Advanced Systems

The ELFOSystem is a climatic system designed to provide energy savings

utilising high efficiency devices and control technologies that provide only the energy needed.

  • Use of electrical high efficiency heat pumps for heating/cooling production
  • Heating diffusion with temperature regulation in each room
  • Ventilation systems with energy recovery
  • Advanced control to mange the whole system operation

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The heat pump

The sun represents the primary source of energy on the earth.

The elements of nature that contain energy in the form of heat such as earth, air and water, are alternative and renewable sources of energy.

The heat pump a revolutionary and natural idea

A heating system that makes use of the heat of the sun stored in the air, in the ground or in the water, available all year round.

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Renewable energy

Heat Pumps as a renewable source

On 17th December 2008 the European Parliament approved the RES Regulation (Renewable Energy Sources) on the promotion of the use of energy originating from renewable sources. The regulation defines heat pumps as the technology which uses renewable energy coming from air, water and ground. Heat pumps come from a fully developed technology with considerable potential to make a contribution towards energy savings and EU climate protection objectives. Heat pumps are one of the few technologies that can cover all needs for heating, cooling, and production of hot running water with the use of renewable sources. According to a research carried out by Gruppo Italiano Pompe di calore [Italian Heat Pump Group], with the use of only 30% of heat pump systems, 22% of renewable energy would be used in 2020. Heat pumps alone would allow the commitment that Italy has to use renewable energy sources in 2020 to be respected.

PDF Download the regulation [EN]
Download the regulation [FR]