I nostri partners del comfort sostenibile



Clivet è partner CasaClima, il network di aziende che emergono per l'elevata competenza tecnica, un costante impegno nella gestione sostenibile ed un agire responsabile al fine di realizzare oggi un mondo di domani piacevole e confortevole. I Partner CasaClima contribuiscono a trasformare in realtà l'idea di CasaClima: "abitare luoghi sani e rispettosi dell'ambiente".

GBC Attention to enviromental protection

Clivet is committed in promoting the green building principles and has become a member of GBC Italia. This organization collaborates with USGBC, the U.S. nonprofit organization that promotes worldwide the LEED system of independent certification - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED principles establish the precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy, energy efficient and environmental friendly buildings.



Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura

Clivet is member of the Istituto nazionale di bioarchitettura, the cultural association that for over twenty years has been playing a decisive role in the company information and in the operator training on topics involving healthy, territory requalification and ecological real estate.


Clivet is member of Lignius, the Italian Association of Prefabricated Wooden Homes, which includes the leading companies to promote modern homes with innovative systems, as far as offices, schools, public facilities at the top for efficiency, energy saving and safety.