The production surface used by Clivet in the Feltre area exceeds 50,000 sq m. More than 600 professionals contribute to achieving a single objective: sustainable comfort in the tertiary, industrial and residential sectors.

Civet's Feltre plants
4 plants in Feltre

The company, which was funded in 1989 by Bruno Bellò, over these 20 years has undergone a significant expansion which can be summed up in the following stages:

  • 1990 the plant's expansion works begin, in order to produce heat pumps with scroll compressors and plate exchangers.

  • 1994 construction begins on the third plant, dedicated to sheet processing.

  • 1995 construction begins on the fourth plant, dedicated to producing high-powered refrigerators.

  • 2006 completion of the latest expansion project which leads to two of the existing plants to be linked.


Leading edge production and manufacture

For the mechanical production of components, Clivet uses sheet folding, pressing and cutting machinery of the latest generation. The products' high quality level is also ensured by using proprietary electronic controls.

Superior air conditioning systems require a quality level that is constantly improving the processes and components used in the production of units.

Clivet only uses welding alloys that are not harmful and that have a low environmental impact, insulation and gases that comply with the strictest European Regulations and the best components that the market can offer. This is an essential choice for a company that aims at achieving excellence in Customer Service.

Production plant details:


Production "1"

- 4 ELFOEnergy residential hydronic lines

- 1 WLHP line

- 1 room terminal line

- 2 remote condenser lines

- 1 water/water hydronic line

- 2 GAIA line

- 1 Close Control line

- 2 PACKAGE lines

- 2 ELFOEnergy Medium hydronic lines


Production "2"


- 3 Roof Top lines

- 5 Spinchiller hydronic lines

- 2 semi-hermetic lines

- 1 water cooled chiller lines


Production "3"


- 4 battery production departments 3/8", 5/16", 1/2"

- 4 Trubend 5130 Trumpf folding machines

- 2 Trumpf punching machines

- 1 Salvagnini automatic line



- 2 Picking Warehouse to prepare trolleys with components for unit assembly

- 2 Automatic Warehouses


"Clivet Air", site in Verona, for the air handling unit production






Each product is tested with functional and performance tests both automatic and semi-automatic; these use computerised systems with strict forks defined at the technical level of performance variations within which all the machine's characteristic performance must fall.

Lean Production:  perfection as reference

A few years ago Civet adopted the Japanese management model called "Lean Thinking". All activities within the company, be they medium or long term, are carried out by rigorously applying the Lean Organisation principles. The company's "objective" is the continuous improvement of management parameters in terms of productive efficiency, reduction in delivery times, usage of plants, reduction of storage, product reliability, level of customer service and technical and technological innovation.