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MULTIPLEX CLIMA Solution is the evolution of the renewable energy solution for the screens, based on the innovative packaged high efficiency rooftop at variable air flow specialized for the different served areas, managed by the new P-Matic MULTIPLEX CLIMA Edition centralized supervision system for a precise and sustainable comfort


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Make yourselves comfortable: well-being takes place in the cinema

MultiSystem by Clivet offers efficient and reliable solutions for air conditioning multiplex cinemas and theatres. Thanks to an innovative line of products developed for specific areas, the flexibility of the system ensures quality performance and excellent control of environmental comfort in complete compliance with current standards.

cinemas and theatres

Synergy in design and functionality

In recent years, the entertainment industry has seen enormous growth in the construction of multiplex facilities, normally located in suburban areas.

The buildings have common design layouts which can be classified into three functional areas:
- The projection rooms
The projection corridor
- The foyer, which contains various functions such as the entrance, ticket counter, waiting area, refreshment area, wardrobe, and public lavatories.

Evaluations on the acoustic character and the flexibility of use encourage separate air conditioning for each projection room, the foyer, and the projection corridor, with one or more units dedicated to each zone.
None of the projection rooms are to be connected to the others, because of the difference in show times and the variation of the number of people in the various auditoriums.

Clivet has developed a system able to ensure that the comfort required for each environment is maintained in a simple and effective way:
- Rigid control of temperature and humidity, quality or air and silence in the projection rooms
- Re-integration of the air flow with the projector towers in the projection corridors, with the aid of a flow of fresh air
- Extremely flexible temperature, humidity and air re-circulation values in the foyer
- Rapid and effective elimination of odours from the restaurant area

Characterised by highly industrialised units which can be set to the best adaptation to meet the requirements of the specific realisation, MultiSystem is the result of experience gained over the years in this sector and boasts many references.

A high degree of industrialization and mass production ensure the utmost system reliability.

The extreme compactness of the units makes it possible to resolve issues related to rooftop installation, thus allowing work to be completed more quickly. With just a single, simple installation, all of the units are ready for use, since they have already undergone functional inspection and testing in the factory. On the premises, all that is required are the air duct and electrical connections, as well as plumbing connections for water-cooled units.