Solutions dedicated to Multiplex Cinemas

From many years experience in rooftop solutions, and market shares in Italy exceeding 50%, Clivet created Multiplex Clima Solution, a specialized renewable energy system to ensure the highest quality of air, quick operating time and optimum constant comfort for multiplex cinemas.


MULTIPLEX CLIMA Solution is the evolution of the renewable energy solution for the screens, based on the innovative packaged high efficiency rooftop at variable air flow specialized for the different served areas, managed by the new The new P-Matic MULTIPLEX CLIMA Edition centralized supervision system for a precise and sustainable comfort.


These the principle point of strength of the system:

The specialization of an exclusive full-air system

In every functional area, auditoriums, foyers, projection corridors, ancillary rooms, the desired comfort is automatically maintained regardless of the outdoor conditions, even in the event of maximum occupancy.


  • Maximum decentralization

The required heating or cooling energy is produced locally in each served zone. This means that the energy necessary to operate components which are common in the centralized systems, like pumping stations, is saved bringing the overall efficiency of the system to high-end results. Moreover, the system global reliability is increased because any possible failure on one unit does not affect the other ones.


  • Industrialized solution

The components of MULTIPLEX CLIMA Solution are all tested before delivery and ready to be installed and started. The final result is a reliable system, with pre-established lead times and easy to maintain.


  • Granted saving

Over 1,000 auditoriums confirm that MULTIPLEX CLIMA Solution allows reducing operating costs, thereby converting energy expenses into profit and transforming the entire structure into a Green Multiplex for an informed and environmentally conscious audience.


These are the components of the system:

MULTIPLEX CLIMA Solution is based on independent energy-efficient rooftop units, specialized according to the features of the various zones that are served and a centralized control system of the whole plant:


  • The air conditioning units of CLIVETPACK CSNX-XHE series are designed for applications in large attendance areas, for the projection room and the box office  area, where public health regulation requires a large amount of outdoor air. These units, which are able to handle a high fresh air quantity, are equipped with an integrated energy recovery system.   


  • The air conditioning units of CLIVETPACK CSNX-XHE series are similar to the one listed above, but can be configured with fittings suitable for premises with varying speeds of forced-air extraction, for the projection corridor, where the presence of an air extractor for each projector makes it necessary to change the flow of fresh air in keeping with the number of active projectors. The unit is, in fact, equipped with an electronic device which detects the state of activation of the extractors and consequently regulates the opening of the fresh air damper.


  • The air conditioning CLIVETPACK CSRN-XHE suitable to the air conditioning requirements for the foyer and any other large building premises characterized by medium crowding, ideal for psychrometric treatments with fresh air flow under 30 to 40% and therefore with a high ratio between air flow and yield.


  • Air conditioning of the SMARTPACK CKN-XHE for conditioning small and medium size premises with reduced loads.

All units are equipped with new features like the "Variable Air Flow", which allows the automatic adjustment of the treated air flow based on actual flow bringing additional energy savings on units equipped with electronically controlled ventilation sections. 


  • The solution is completed by the P-Matic MULTIPLEX CLIMATE Edition centralized control which can carry out the supervision of all units and, if needed, of the air diffusion systems and other equipment for air conditioning. The control is equipped with a graphic-type intuitive navigation device and many automatic features.