The LargeCOM WLHP (Water Loop Heat Pump) system represents the evolved solution for conditioning large buildings for commercial use.


The cooled or heated energy necessary for conditioning is produced locally in each served zone and freely transferred between zones with different climatic demands, using "neutral" water as an exchange fluid with the consequent reduction in consumption and management costs.

Given its characteristics, this system is suited to:

  • Medium and large shopping centres

  • Shopping centres in which renewable sources can be exploited

  • Shopping centres in which there is the desire to recover energy dispersed by foodstuff refrigerated preservation systems, reducing system and running costs

  • Outlet Villages

The cost of the first investment, formed only of condominial arrangements, is minimized by entrusting the purchase of air conditioning units to each individual tenant. LargeCOM WLHP also allows consumption to be accounted for, simplifying condominial management.


Notable savings for medium and large sized buildings


Developed in the United States in the 60s, the WLHP (Water Loop Heat Pump) system was widely used in Europe starting from the 70s, mainly in France and England and in the sectors of shopping centres, management centres and hotels. These are applications characterised by the numerous areas with potentially different climatic requirements

The system is based on a hydraulic circuit (ring/loop).The water flows pushed by pumps and in typically "neutral" conditions with refernce to the environment (20-30°C), which acts as a source for energy producers formed by water-air or water-water heat pumps The loop circuit allows efficient transfer of energy between zones with opposite needs (heating/cooling) and activates the dispertion or integration systems only when the temperature of the water tends to stray from the optimal operational interval.

System elements:

Packaged units: generate locally and in a highly efficient way the thermal and cooled energy required to satisfy the requirements of small and large environments. They purify the air therein through continuous filtration.

Packaged units for large areas: these are also suitablefor supplying the necessary change of air, with the possibility of carrying out energy recovery

Fresh air: supplies the necessary air renewal and actively contributes to air conditioning the served area

Adjustment and supervision: automatically manages the system and its safety (adjustment). It also allows interaction with the elements of the system from one single point (supervision)


WLHP System

The energy transfer loop system for the simultaneous heating and air conditioning demands.

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