LargeCOM System

LargeCOM System

LargeCOM System Total comfort, reliability and saving for large commercial surface areas

LargeCOM System is the family of solutions designed ad hoc for large commercial surface areas.
It uses four systems, all characterised by advanced technology and amply tested, available in a variety of combinations and customised to best integrate with the characteristics of each specific realisation..

- LargeCOM Hydronic
- LargeCOM Packaged
- LargeCOM Split


Business-friendly comfort

In the last few years, among retail sector strategies there is also the primary one of maintaining a high standard of wellbeing for the public within it and for the personnel working therein..

The better the individual comfort, the longer people will choose to go to these modern shopping squares, the internal atmosphere of which is purposefully matched to the seasons of the year and the time of day.
The clients must find themselves in the best condition as much as possible, in welcoming and spacious areas. A real challenge for those concentrating their mission in the design of the most efficient systems for maintaining environmental wellbeing.
The Clivet experience offers solutions adapt for all standards and requirements of shopping centre areas..