LargeCOM Packaged is a system deemed as the most rapid and economic for conditioning places with large surface areas.

The cooled or heated energy necessary for conditioning is produced locally - only when needed - and sent to the served areas by means of a suited air distribution and diffusion plant constituted by ducting and diffusion terminals (vents, anemostats, nozzles, etc)

LargeCOM Packaged










Given its characteristics, this system is suited to:

  • Large specialised sales areas and sales parks (non food)

  • Supermarkets and hypermarkets (food)

  • Areas common to shopping centres such as malls and food-courts

  • Outlet villages


A winning solution for large surface areas


System elements:

Packaged unit: locally generates the heated and cooled energy necessary to satisfy the requirements of the served area. Purifies air through its continuous filtration. Supplies the necessary change of air carrying out energy recovery.

Continuous ventilation guarantees homogeneous air distribution.

  • units with treated air flow rates emitted into the environment which are lower than 18,000 m3/h.

  • units with treated air flow rates which are emitted into the environment higher than 18,000 m3/h