LargeCOM Hydronic

LargeCOM Hydronic is the innovative evolution of the traditional hydronic air conditioning system.


The benefits deriving from its use are immediate:

- Optimised realisation costs
- Reduced energy consumption and environmental impact
- Enriched flexibility of this plant typology with the reliability of industrialised and widely referenced systems.


LargeCOM Hydronic


The cooling or thermal energy necessary for conditioning is produced at condominial level and then distributed - using cooled or heated water as a vector fluid - in the served areas for which the necessary fresh air is guaranteed.


LargeCOM Hydronic is suitable for:

- Shopping centres and shopping galleries
- Large sales areas with specific architectonic constraints


Winning innovation for the best known system


System elements:


  • Energy producer

Generates heated and cooled air sufficient to satisfy the needs of the served environments

  • Terminal unit

Supplies the served unit with the energy generated from the producer

  • Fresh air

Ensures the necessary change of air, carries out energy recovery and actively contributes to the air conditioning of the served zone

  • Supervision system

Allows the plant to be controlled from one single point, with the possibility of remote access and remote management


The complete range of chillers, heat pumps and air handling units in large installations.

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