A new water cooled chiller with screw compressors SCREWLine WDH2, whose efficiency when operating at full load exceeds the performance of Class A refrigeration units, while granting minimum consumption during the year round operation.



Clivet's entire hydronic system product range has, over the last two years, been completely renovated. It includes a series of chillers and heat pumps all Class A-oriented, aiming to offer the highest possible efficiency and reliability in the market.

They include:

  • ELFOEnergy VULCAN Medium,

a line of high efficiency high temperature heat pumps (from 30 to 100 kW) with modular scroll technology which both guarantees functional reliability in summer and hot water at 57°C even with -18°C temperatures in winter. ELFOEnergy VULCAN Medium is an ideal answer for heating, cooling and hot domestic water production for centralized systems in Class A buildings such as block of flats, hotels and collective buildings.  

  • ELFOEnergy Large2 and SPINCHILLER2,

a range of chiller and heat pumps with a nominal refrigeration power from 97 to 218 kW and from 211 to more than 654 kW, equipped with Scroll modular compressor technology to ensure the highest seasonal efficiency.  Apart from being at the very top of their category for the extremely high ESEER with excellent efficiency at part load operation, they offer optimal performance even when working at full load. These units are ideal solutions for all applications that require elevated performance levels, and reduced management costs such as office buildings, centralized residential buildings, industrial applications requiring cold water for operation, as service and process fluid or as vehicle fluid for the worker's comfort and for the conservation of goods and the proper functioning of cycles.   


A packaged unit for centralized systems which request both heating and cooling at the same time. It is equipped with Scroll modular compressor technology and an integrated automatic hydraulic switch system. It can produce in dependently thermal and frigorific energy at the same time, using water as the source for draining the excess of thermal or frigorific load, making the refrigeration circuit simpler and more reliable.   


The series of Eurovent A class air cooled chillers up to 1500kW with two screw compressors and continuous modulation for industrial applications. 

  • WDH-HE

The series of water-cooled chillers up to 1700kW, which allow EER around 5.6, depending on the model, with two screw compressors and continuous regulation of the compressor capacity. WDH-HE is ideal for use in ECBC or LEED certified buildings and for use in industrial plants in need of strict reliability and operational cost reduction.  


In the hydronic systems sector, Clivet premiered its new water-cooled chiller with screw compressor SCREWLINE WDH2, whose efficiency at full load exceeds the performance of Class A refrigeration units and which, thanks to its high efficiency even at partial load, saves power all year round. WDH2 is the ideal solution for ECBC and LEED certified buildings and for use in industrial plants requiring strict reliability and operational cost reduction.


The advantages and innovative features of WDH2:

Excellence in any operational condition

A very high energy efficiency – both at full load and during seasonal operation – greatly reduces overall energy consumption.  The value of the office building increases and the return on investment on industrial plants is accelerated.  The technology used also guarantees high operational flexibility and reliability.  They are available in two versions:  EXCELLENCE, with very high efficiency, and PREMIUM, very compact to adapt itself to the needs of any plant.  

Perfect for Green Buildings

The high level of efficiency of these units meets the requirements of even the strictest protocol  certifications, such as ECBC and LEED.  The refrigerant used by these units is eco-compatible and the amount of it is far inferior compared to most chillers on the market today, especially those with flooded evaporator, and it therefore further increases its certification credits.  

Reliable technology

The entire range is equipped with one or two screw compressors (with one compressor in the models with 360 to 820kW, and two compressors in the models with 615 to 1640kW), complete with an energy savings circuit and constant capacity regulator, electronic expansion valve and innovative shell and tube heat exchanger especially designed to work with the ecological refrigerant R134a, equipped with a patented refrigerant distributor which can inject the ideal amount of refrigerant into each tube.   

Flexibility of use

The WDH2 series is highly versatile and adapted for use with all types of terminals, from ventil-convectors to radiant panels and chilled beams systems. WDH2 is also available to function with low-temperature liquids (Brine) for highly dehumidifying applications or industrial processes.  It is also ideal for various thermal sources used in large plants, such as evaporator towers, dry coolers or well water.  

High heating efficiency

The hydraulic circuit can be reversed so that it is reliable and efficient even in cold climates.