Comfort and energy saving for light commercial and offices 


ELFOSystem OFFICE is the single intelligent renewable energy system for light commercial and offices, equipped with all the elements that generate the ideal comfort throughout the year: heating, cooling, air renewal and purification


- The heart of this system is ELFOEnergy Extended Inverter, the inverter DC air cooled heat pump from 5 to 15 kW for external installation, which offers:

High seasonal efficiency, provided by direct current inverter technology, applied to the compressor, enabling power adjustment to match the load required. This solution grants a further reduction in input power and significantly improves the seasonal efficiency, above all during part load, which is the major part of the operating time.

Advanced technology

ELFOEnergy Extended Inverter is equipped with hydrophilic battery that guarantees efficiency in all conditions, electronic expansion valve to optimize the operation of the cooling circuit with DC inverter compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger which maximizes the heat efficiency in any climatic conditions thanks to the large surface area, water kit that simplifies the hydronic circuit making it easier to maintain. The unit may be equipped with a DC Inverter water circulating pump, which grants further savings performing the automatic modulation of the water flow in relation of the load and losses of the system.

Low noise levels, thanks to an optimized fan design and to the dynamic modulation of the fan and the compressor.

Compact dimensions, that satisfy esthetic needs and offer flexibility to fit any building characteristic.

The other elements of the systems are:

  • ELFOFresh2, autonomous indoor ventilation and purification system with energy recovery, able to satisfy 80% of thermal need of the building,

  • Zephir2, centralized indoor ventilation and purification system with energy recovery, able to satisfy 50% of thermal need of the building,

  • ELFORoom2, ELFOSpace, ELFOSpace BOX2, ELFODuct (CFD, CF, ...), room terminal units that offer room by room temperature control, minimalist design and small dimensions, continuous change in speed, homogeneous temperature and low power consumption,

  • ELFOControl2, the new advanced control system optimizing efficiency and ensuring the correct operation throughout the living space, managing up to 12 climatic areas and 40 elements in total.


The principle advantages of ELFOSystem Office:

- Completeness and system simplification, because ELFOEnergy Extended Inverter is a complete hydronic system that does not require, for instance, a specialized technician to install refrigeration lines necessary on direct expansion systems, allowing better margins for the installer and easier maintenance.

- Best comfort, thanks to the temperature of the air treated by the terminal units closely matching the comfort temperature. 

- A flexible system, as it can be adapted not only to systems with terminal units, but also systems with radiant panels, radiators or mixed systems.

- An indoor air ventilation and purification system with active thermodynamic recovery, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort, thanks to its special features, as it can also be diversified with either an autonomous or centralized installation.

- A system that looks to the future, thanks to its characteristics of energy efficiency and combined use of renewable energies from air, water and ground, contributing to reach the "20-20-20 at 2020" European targets also in multi-family and light commercial applications.


A system ideal for the air conditioning of offices and light commercial who's value has been recognized by the Scientific Committee of Next Energy who selected and included the heart of the system, ELFOEnergy Extended Inverter, in the "Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione", the selection of products and systems which are the "jewels in the crown" of the research concerning energy valorization.