ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi

Renovation existing building


For renovation applications, designed to answer tomorrow's real estate needs that are focused on upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings, at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2012 Clivet presents ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi. 

ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi is the complete system for heating, cooling, fresh air and purification and production of hot water in large houses in places with very cool winters and renovations


The system uses solar thermal, heat pump and condensing boiler technology, combining them in the same packaged unit for indoor installation.

GAIA Maxi always evaluate the most convenient ecologic combination of the 3 technologies privileging  the use of renewable energy with the lowest environmental impact. 


The Heart of ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi is GAIA Maxi, the packaged unit that integrates in itself

o High efficiency (COP>4,4) heat pump GAIA with DC inverter technology for heating, cooling and hot domestic water production, 

o Thermal solar connection to allow integration with the domestic water production unit.

o Integrated condensing boiler with 108% performance for hot domestic water production and heating.

The integration in a single unit of all these elements makes GAIA Maxi the solution with the best seasonal efficiency on the market. It always favors the use of renewable energy sources, dramatically reduces the number of connections and the plant dimension, ensuring high reliability and minimal installation time.

As ELFOSystem GAIA Edition, also ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi can be integrated with ELFOFresh2, ELFORoom2 and ELFOControl2 providing complete all year round comfort from a unique manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in heat pump solutions focused on the occupants comfort and energy saving whilst respecting the environment.

Giving priority to the use of renewable energy sources (Thermal solar system and heat pump), ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi guarantees a substantial reduction in the primary energy consumption, up to 45% less than traditional plant based on combustion systems and thanks to the heat pump technology, it drastically reduces the direct emissions of CO2 into the environment. Even considering the equivalent CO2 generated by electric energy producers, the indirect emissions of CO2 are 40% lower on average compared to combustion systems and 70% lower compared to electrical heating.


Clivet ELFOSystem GAIA Maxi is a global solution for domestic applications, which meets all domestic comfort needs, increases the energy efficiency class of houses under energy requalification and, together with the heat pump system using renewable energy for new buildings ELFOSystem GAIA, offers a complete, efficient, sustainable range for every plant need.