ELFOSystem GAIA Edition

Solution with heat pump for new single houses.




For new houses Clivet has designed ELFOSystem GAIA Edition, the heat pump system which guarantees heating, cooling, fresh air and purification and production of hot water, using from 75 to 100% of renewable energy


The system, awarded in 2010 by environmental associations and international exhibitions, allows an average yearly saving in energy consumption of 55% and a reduction in CO2 emissions up to 45%. It increases the energy efficiency class and eliminates CO2 and NOX emissions for clean air in our cities.


The elements of ELFOSystem GAIA Edition are:

- GAIA, the heat pump with DC inverter technology which transfers heating and cooling energy, integrating all the components of a heating plant (including the production of hot water with 200 litre storage tanks and circulating pumps). GAIA derives 75% of its energy from the sun through heat pump technology which captures the energy contained in air, ground or water with just 25% from electricity. The unit is suitable for connection to solar panels, so that the domestic hot water can be produced with big savings. If used in combination with photovoltaic panels GAIA can become 100% renewable energy.

- ELFOFresh2, the unit for air exchange and purification with thermodynamic recovery and electronic filters (H10) can cool and heat the fresh air with minimum energy consumption. ELFOFresh2 can be integrated with ELFOFresh Air, the complete air distribution system easy to install and configurable on the web, which enhances efficiency with its low noise mechanical ventilation system.

- Distribution of hot and cold temperatures through radiant panels, radiators or ELFORoom2 fan coil units (Clivet's terminals equipped with an exclusive electric motor which drastically reduces electricity consumption compared with a traditional fan coil unit). 

- ELFOControl2, the central comfort control unit that allows to control the complete system for power generation, distribution, indoor comfort and rational use of the renewable sources. This control system is a great innovation because it dialogues with the user by a touch screen and manages all the system.

ELFOControl2 is able to capture the comfort requirement input by the user and automatically calculates the most proper parameters to generate the capacity required with the most efficient and convenient use of GAIA and the rest of the System.

If equipped with temperature sensors for each room, it allows to define the operating conditions for each element of the system.


Clivet ELFOSystem meets the most varied requirements of new and existing systems, doesn't use gas or other fossil fuels for heating, eliminating the