Renewable energy solutions for residential multi-family and social-housing, light commercial



ELFOSystem BUILDING is the complete and intelligent renewable energy system for heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water production, air renewal and purification, representing the ideal solution for multi-family and social housing, as far as business premises.


The system comes with all the elements that generate the ideal comfort all year round with the best efficiency on the market.


ELFOSystem BUILDING is based on the following elements:

  • The heart of the complete system ELFOSystem BUILDING is ELFOEnergy Ground Medium, the new indoor water and ground source heat pump from 30 to 280 kW (COP from 5,5 to 5,9) at the top of its category for seasonal efficiency, which meets Eurovent's Class A requirements in heating and cooling mode.

The unit is equipped with modular scroll compressors, electronic expansion valve, large size heat exchangers and allows specific configuration for best performance with ground water or geothermal applications. 

ELFOEnergy Ground Medium is a pre-assembled packaged thermal plant, which simplifies the plant reducing the footprint of 70% compared to traditional solutions, while granting the total reliability. The variety of construction configurations, the compactness and modularity of ELFOEnergy Ground Medium makes it the final solution for all applications with large capacity requirements.


The other elements of the systems are:

  • ELFOFresh2, packaged indoor ventilation and purification system with thermodynamic energy recovery, able to satisfy 80% of thermal need of the building,

  • Zephir2, centralized indoor ventilation and purification system with energy recovery, able to satisfy 50% of thermal need of the building,

  • ELFORoom2, ELFOSpace, ELFOSpace BOX2, ELFODuct (CFD, CF, ...), the hydronic terminals with temperature control room by room, minimal design and small dimensions, variable fan speed, homogeneous temperature and low consumption,

  • ELFOControl2, the new advanced control system optimizing efficiency and ensuring the correct operation in the whole living space, managing up to 12 climatic areas and 40 elements in total.


The principle advantages of ELFOSystem Building are:

  • High energy efficiency, ensured by specific control logic optimizing the operation of the system at partial loads, using the most appropriate resource for the required demand; opportunity of using not just the thermal power generated by the heat pump, but also by the air renewal and purification units with thermodynamic recovery; domestic hot water can be produced thanks to optional supplied partial or total heat recovery exchangers.

  • A complete hydronic system that encompasses all the main functions, making installation and adjustment operations easier, reducing overall dimensions and achieving a guaranteed quality and reliable result and allowing greater margins for the installer and ease of maintenance.

  • A flexible system, as it can be adapted not only to systems with terminal units, but also systems with radiant panels, radiators or mixed systems.

  • An indoor air ventilation and purification system with active thermodynamic recovery, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort, thanks to its special features, as it can also be diversified with either an autonomous or centralized installation.

  • System that looks to the future, thanks to its characteristics of energy efficiency and combined use of renewable energies from air, water and ground, contributing to reach the "20-20-20 at 2020" European targets also in multi-family and light commercial applications.


 The high value of the system has been recognized by the Scientific Committee of Next Energy who selected and admitted the heart of the system, ELFOEnergy Ground Medium, to the "Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione", the selection of products and systems which are the "jewels in the crown" of the research concerning energy valorization.