The revolutionary solution for Nearly-Zero single and multifamily buildings.




Dedicated to multifamily residential houses with decentralized system, ELFOPack is an "all in one" air-source heat pump unit, which covers the needs of heating, cooling, hot water, mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic heat recovery and electronic filtration, revolutionising the market of comfort solutions for independent plant.


The main features of ELFOPack are:

  • Ambient comfort through a compact full fresh, outdoor air unit, which uses heat pump technology to supply air into the house at the ideal temperature and at the right humidity condition. Thanks to its low thermal inertia, the system allows to quickly meet the required heat load.

  • Domestic hot water production, simultaneously to heating and cooling, with very low energy consumption in winter, and free in summer. 

  • Continuous air purification, using electronic filters, with efficiency higher than 99.9 %, and extracting exhausted air from areas where humidity and foul odours predominate.

  • High efficiency thanks to the active recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air, to the free-cooling and free-heating, where adequate ambient conditions are present, and to the exploitation of renewable energy.

  • Decentralized solution which guarantees the end user a reduction in charges by eliminating all the waste of energy of a traditional centralised system, such as distribution losses and pipeline pumping power, thereby achieving reliable utility metering without using a thermal energy monitoring system (EMS).


By integrating all the functions required for a system in an "all in one" unit that uses the ducts of the controlled mechanical ventilation for maintaining ambient comfort, ELFOPack reduces the capital cost, the management cost and simplifies installation, drastically reducing time to implementation since it does not require central thermal plant, distribution piping nor thermal energy accounting system.


Even the design is simplified, providing architects and designers the opportunity to foresee at design phase the plant for comfort and energy saving, guaranteeing perfect building-system integration.


With ELFOPack Clivet have created a solution that revolutionises the current systems, perfectly adapting to the new building needs in terms of comfort, current regulatory standards on the use of renewable energies and installation.

A solution that can be easily integrated into the building, which helps to increase energy efficiency class and therefore the value of the property. A system that not only reduces the management costs, but the system realisation also, opening the way for a high quality and efficient building at affordable cost.