Kentucky Fried Chicken

In Assago the most famous restaurant chains specialized in fried chicken

Serravalle Scrivia

Serravalle Scrivia reference - the largest outlet in Europe

Regulations on heat pumps

Updates and news on local and national regulations that encourage the use of heat pumps.


All year round heat pump solutions to obtain renewable energy and comfort in new residences and home renovations.


Solutions for heat pumps installations, specialized for shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, multiplex cinemas, hospitals and office buildings.


Efficient, reliable and environment friendly solutions suitable for the industrial processes, production areas and offices.

Focus on
  • Poseidon

    POSEIDON Project: Plasmonic-based autOmated lab-on-chip SEnsor for the rapid In-situ Detection of LegiONella

  • With Zephir3 on the commercial and Elfofresh² on the residential, Clivet has transformed the role of Fresh air supply and purification within the HVAC system.


    The revolutionary solution for Nearly-Zero single and multifamily buildings.

  • LargeCOM System is the family of solutions designed ad hoc for large commercial surface areas!