Specialised high energy efficiency solution for data centres, server rooms and rooms fitted with technological equipment with high heat loads.





Close Control System is the solution designed by Clivet for precision air conditioning. It consists of chilled water centralised systems and autonomous direct expansion systems.


  • High energy efficiency during the entire annual cycle 

Clivet's Close Control System technology ensures high energy efficiency during the annual operating cycle and therefore significantly lower consumption levels. This means it helps increase the overall efficiency of the whole data centre system, expressed by the PUE parameter (Power Usage Effectiveness, the ratio between the total power absorbed by the data centre and the power dedicated to IT equipment). Indeed a considerable part of the total consumption levels comes from air conditioning. 


  • Total climate control

Decisive factors for the proper operation of electronic equipment such as filtering, temperature and air humidity are controlled and accurately maintained inside the room served.

  • High sensitive capacity (SHR)

Clivet's Close Control System is specialised in air conditioning for rooms with high specific heat loads. Therefore it distinguishes itself from ordinary air conditioners for civil use, where most of the cooling capacity is used to dehumidify air.

  • Specialised system for maximum uptime

Thanks to the use of materials and components for heady-duty use, accurate lab tests and strict individual tests, the units that form Clivet's Close Control System ensure the necessary reliability and therefore the desired operating continuity.

  • An extremely compact design, maximum versatility and perfect integration into the site's architecture

The compact size of the wide range of indoor units allows for a full integration into rooms fitted with technological equipment. This means more space for the servers and the gradual installation of new equipment.




Clivet's Close Control System is based on the following components:


  • UCP high-energy efficiency modular precision units for indoor installation. Available in the Downflow / Upflow configurations, all fitted with electronic control ventilating sections as standard. Models:

  • air- or water-condensed direct expansion units, all with the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant;

  • chilled water units

Also available in the Twin Cooling version, with 100% redundancy for maximum operating continuity, and Economy Cooling version, which can also cool rooms free of charge with favourable climates.

  • Liquid chillers, either single-block versions or versions with two sections, air- or water-condensed, with high seasonal efficiency modular scroll SPINCHILLER technology or SCREWLINE technology with screw compressors for applications with high load percentages. All air-condensed models have the direct Freecooling feature for maximum operating economy during ongoing operation.

  • Remote condensers and liquid chillers (dry coolers) featuring silent operation and extremely high efficiency values in terms of heat exchange.